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Zeměžluč / Angry Brigade – Split EP

Classic punk rock coming from Czech Republic. 3 new songs from the legendary Zeměžluč and new material from the angry political punk band Angry Brigade

angry-brigade-zemezluc-split-7-epArtists: Zeměžluč / Angry Brigade

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″

Year: 2016

Label: Emergency Records, Papagajuv Hlastel, Insane Society

Well, here we have some new material from Zeměžluč. This legendary punk rock band from Brno has been around since 1987, and was already mentioned in Filip Fuchs’ article about the history of punk in Czechoslovakia. Their new songs are still pretty standard fare when it comes to the genre, but their three chords punk rock will take you back to a time when punk was a real threat and punks were harassed by a secret police in a totalitarian state.

I, myself coming from a former Eastern bloc country, could undoubtedly relate to such bands and their legacy to punk rock and music history in general. But when it comes to the lyrics there is only one word that comes to mind—nostalgia. They even have a song named “Berlin Wall” (Berlínská zeď), the defining symbol of the Cold War, talking in retrospection about the events more than 25 years ago. Yeah, old punks never die, they are just getting pretty nostalgic.

Angry Brigade, on the other hand, is another band in a long line of high energy and very political hardcore punk bands from modern day Czech Republic. Their songs are much more faster, angrier and distorted than Zeměžluč’s side. Although, they also pay homage to ’77 punk rock with a Ramones cover (I Believe in Miracles). If you are mad about classic Eastern European punk, I advise you to check this out.

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