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Why donating to us?

WEBZINE: DIY Conspiracy provides a consistent flow of original content about DIY hardcore punk & underground music culture.

We do our part in creating a space that serves as a real alternative to the mainstream clickbaity and profit-driven online magazines. Unlike other webzines, DIY Conspiracy don’t run on ads and carry no outside advertising.

Our challenge is to continue writing quality content for DIY Conspiracy while maintaining a fast-loading, visually compelling website. That means we have to pay hosting and web service costs on a regular basis. Donations can help cover those costs.

BOOKING: As the founding members of DIY Conspiracy are based in Bulgaria, we also book shows and take part in our local underground music scene & radical political circles. Booking DIY gigs in such a small environment can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to renting gig equipment, cooking, accommodating, paying gas money, or any other deals to touring bands. Therefore, we rely on whatever small donations to keep us doing what we love in the same DIY manner we’ve always done it.

PATREON SPECIALS: Patreon is a fast-growing crowdfunding service where content creators such as DIY Conspiracy can offer readers and friends multiple tiers of rewards and extras in exchange for monthly subscriptions of corresponding cost. Feel welcome to check out our Patreon page to see what we’ve cooked up for you. This includes a mention of your contribution on our about us page and creating an exclusive annual magazine (on paper) with some of the best interviews and features from the past year, plus a new exclusive content that will be available to our patrons only!

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