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The (International) DIY Conspiracy


We get more review submissions than we can ever reply to or let alone listen to. Working nine-to-five jobs and having so many other things to care about means that we all have our very limited time and resources to run this website. Ultimately, DIY Conspiracy is not our job and we’re not able to review every single record we’ve got in our mailbox. What we do here instead is to create new publications about whatever we choose to write about at the moment.

Sending us Bandcamp / Soundcloud links & digital releases is fine but bear in mind that we are constantly overwhelmed with that stuff and may never be able to review it—even if we like your stuff. If you don’t get a reply, it doesn’t mean we won’t review your record. So please don’t send any follow-up emails!

Physical copies will always have a priority over digital. Be prepared to get a honest review (not always a flattering/positive one). PR agencies get ignored—we’re not the kind of music media you’re looking for!

For how reviews should not look like go here, and for a substantial critique of the art of reviewing altogether go here.

We in hardcore should never settle for mere mediocrity: there’s more than enough of that in the mainstream world.


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