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Review & Submission Policy

So you’ve come to this page because you want us to hear your music or read your zine?

That’s great! You’re on the right place and we would be really grateful if you use the contact form or email provided below, instead of bombarding us with messages on social media.

Please bear in mind we get more review submissions than we can ever reply to or let alone listen to. Working nine-to-five jobs and having so many other things to care about means that we all have our very limited time and resources to run this website.

DIY Conspiracy is a volunteer enthusiast-run website. Nobody gets paid for reviewing your record and we’re not able to review every single record we’ve got in our mailbox (digital or otherwise). We write about whatever we choose to focus on, and have the physical capabilities, at the moment.

Physical copies will always have a priority over digital. Be prepared to get a honest review (not always a flattering/positive one).

We understand, however, that sending us physical copies on vinyl, tape or CD could be a bit expensive or might take a long time to receive on our end. So that is why we are still accepting links to streaming media. Bandcamp and SoundCloud are a priority over anything else. We hate Spotify and 99.9% of Spotify links go straight into the trash bin!

Whatever platform you choose, though, we are constantly overwhelmed with streaming links and we may never be able to review it—even if we like your music. If you don’t get a reply, it doesn’t mean we won’t review your record or haven’t listened to it yet.

  • Please don’t send any follow-up emails! Follow-up emails are a huge turn-off for any reviewer and might hurt you more than help being reviewed.
  • Please don’t send us attachments. that we use as our email client is not made for big attachments! if you want to send us large files and promo materials, please use WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.
  • Please don’t add add us to your mailing list without permission as this breaks European GDPR laws and clutters servers! To support the amazing work Riseup does to activist and antiauthoritarian communities worldwide, consider donating to the project here.
  • PR agencies and paid promo services will be ignored with no hesitation—we’re not the kind of music media you’re looking for!
  • Also, please don’t ask us to participate in any of your sketchy SEO link building schemes!

For how reviews should not look like, please read this Inside Front column & this Rolling Thunder guide for aspiring journalists. Yes, CrimethInc. rules!

We in hardcore should never settle for mere mediocrity: there’s more than enough of that in the mainstream world.

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Drop us a line at [email protected] or use the contact form below.