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DIY Conspiracy webzine exists to support the international underground network of activism, music and culture.

In 2005, we started as a small online punk journal for our local scene. Since then we’ve been tirelessly working to represent punk-rock’s creative and community-based values with a strong political & ethical focus. We see DIY punk as an autonomous, ever-evolving-in-its-anti-oppression-ideals, genuine community, which lets us live our lives to the fullest of possibilities.

The site is created by people involved with, and part of, the DIY, punk and anti-authoritarian communities. We aim to create engaging, thought-provoking, and exciting pieces about music and counterculture.

Over the years, we have published hundreds of hardcore punk reviews, exclusive interviews, premiere streams, scene reports, and columns by contributors from all over the globe. We’ve done this all by ourselves—just the few of us and our punk-rock passion.

In recent times, our website has seen a massive growth in traffic. So much that we’ve had to abandon our cheap shared hosting plan and upgrade it to a dedicated hosting server, which is kinda expensive. Since we don’t want to ruin your experience with advertisements and sponsored posts, we will continue to keep our site bull💩-free and rely on your help to continue. If you appreciate our work, consider helping our site by by supporting us on Ko-fi or Patreon!

With the core team of DIY Conspiracy based in Bulgaria, we are also involved in various activities within the local hardcore punk scene. We book DIY gigs in the capital Sofia and started an annual festival in the beginning of May every year. Since March 2020 all gigs and our festival have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. Now we continue to adapt to the new realities by engaging our communities through live streams on Youtube, Facebook, and so on. Please follow us on our social media platforms to keep track of our activities beyond this website.



We’re always looking for more reviewers, editors (most of us are not native English speakers) or writers & co-conspirators of all kind to join DIY Conspiracy. So if you’ve ever felt like trying your hand at writing about DIY punk music and counterculture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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