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DIY Conspiracy is an independent web-based journal for underground music and culture.

We started in 2005 to build a platform for the International Do-It-Yourself Punk Community.

Since then, we’ve been operating as an independent media channel that aims to represent punk rock’s creative, radical politics and community-based values. We see DIY punk as an autonomous, ever-evolving-in-its-anti-oppression-ideals, genuine community, which lets us live our lives to the fullest of possibilities.

Over the years, we have published hundreds of music, book and zine reviews, exclusive band interviews, streams, DIY scene reports, and columns by contributors from all over the globe. We’ve done this all by ourselves, just the few of us and our punk-rock passion.


We’re always looking forward to expand our team of writers, editors and contributors. We need people who are at least as enthusiastic and passionate about the same stuff as we are. If you want to be part of The Conspiracy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Living at the bottom of the world and deeply enmired in…

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El Freegano

El Freegano a.k.a. xITSOx. From Skateboarding and Yoga to Hip-Hop…

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Anarchist punk, dancing on the border of utopia trying to find…

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🔊 Amps speak louder than words! 🔊 Fuzz boy in Feedbacker &…

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Giz Medium

Giz Medium is an anarchist librarian and DIY punk musician living…

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Freelance writer and music journalist based in Scotland. Punk,…

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Charlie Vásquez

Writer in a lot of places. Art enthusiast. Collector of LPs,…

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Phillip Stounn

A film student, a music enthusiast/addict and a musician of…

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Ilko B loves listening to, playing, and writing about music.…

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Matthew Holmes

Fanatic of RPG's and coffee. Matthew runs a distro called Human…

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Niki G.

Releasing records with Ugly and Proud Records, booking shows with…

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Fotis xBTWx

XVX. PMA. Strength. // Contact: takexyourxshot [at] yahoo [dot]…

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George Chelebiev

DIY enthusiast, vegan straight edge. Runs a vegan blog with a…

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DIY Conspiracy

Published by the editorial team of DIY Conspiracy. •

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Angel S.

Freelance journalist and copywriter from hell. Playing ambient as…

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Mittens XVX

DIY Conspiracy founder and a longtime hardcore punk nerd who…

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