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Secteur Pavé – Self-Titled

Brest punk scene's luminaries singing about their hometown and the joy of cycling.

secteur-pave-stArtist: Secteur Pavé

Title: Secteur Pavé

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: No Glory Records, Dans le Vide, Entre Chien et Loup, Senseless Acts of Anger

If you’re looking for some awesome music from France, Secteur Pavé will sweep you right away with their debut self-titled record. Their anthemic, Oi!-influenced punk-rock is filled with upbeat, cheerful melodies that will make you feel like winning Tour de France.

The band’s name refers to the cobbled sectors during cycling events, most notably the legendary Paris–Brest–Paris endurance race where the last fourteen kilometers into Paris were covered in “pavé” (cobblestones). Brimming with catchy riffs and pumped up with boundless enthusiasm, the eight songs on here deal with Secteur Pavé’s hometown of Brest and the square of Guérin where they spend much of their time. They also have this song about Tour de France, as you’ve already guessed, where they sing “France stinks!”

It’s also worth mentioning that Secteur Pavé share members with Brest’s finest Syndrome 81 and Litovsk, which might make it feel like a side project in a way. Surely, this record does not carry the same blatantly political charge as they do with other bands, but that’s not their goal here. This is some of the catchiest French punk to come out this year.

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