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Neuroot – Obuy and Die!

Classic early 80's Dutch punk... in 2018 they sound nothing like the old days

neuroot-obuy-and-dieArtist: Neuroot

Title: Obuy and Die!

Release: Vinyl / Digital 

Year: 2018

Label: Civilisation Records

Neuroot is an early 80s Dutch punk band that lived the street fight and helped to shape the raw & aggressive sound of this golden era. Active between 1981 and 1987, they’ve recorded a several great records that became classics in the Netherlands.

In 2013, original bass player Marcel reformed the band and the seminal records “Macht kaputt wass euch kaputt macht” (demo tape, 1983) and the “Right is Might” EP (1986) were reissued on vinyl by different labels. That was great news for anyone looking for a tight, pissed-off and roughly produced 80s hardcore punk from the flag-bearers of the anarcho scene in the Netherlands.

Imagine my surprise when I’ve got the new LP from Neuroot in my mailbox. It turned out that the guys went to the studio to record a brand new album that they have released in 2018. The LP is called “Obuy and Die!” and in short it sounds nowhere near their stuff from the 80’s! They still have the political lyrics and the punk attitude within themselves, but the sound has become much slower and more melodic. All the raw, crude hardcore sound that was a staple in the 80s is gone. That isn’t necessary a bad thing since the time flies and you’ll probably fail miserably if you try to recreate the harsh 80s sound in 2018. On the other hand, making a new record that’s stripped down of all its rawness and energy is also a bit of a disappointment. I tried to like “Obuy and Die!” but it’s just a forgettable punk-rock record that may have moments that sound like a dad rock. I guess, the only thing I liked about it is the lyrics, which is still awesome. Okay… don’t get me wrong, it’s also a honest effort that deserves a great appreciation.

If you haven’t heard about Neuroot before, please don’t listen to their new record. “Macht Kaputt…” is what I would totally recommend to you. Only then you can get “Obuy and Die!” on vinyl, more like out of respect for the band and their still awesome punk attitude.

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