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gripe self-titledArtist: Gripe

Title: Gripe

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Junko Records

This hardcore punk trio from Santiago, Chile, debuted with their self-titled EP in July last year, giving us a classic take on 80s hardcore. Fast and angry, brimmed with feedbacking guitars, a vibrating bass and thunderous drums… you know the drill!

Then, in October, Junko Records released it on tape. Actually, I bought the tape recently from the owner of  another label, Incendia Records, on a show where a band from Junko Records, La Casa de Emma, played.

Mixed and mastered by 333, from the band Deceso Por Causa Desconocida, the sound is both pristine and energetic, distorted and furious. Everything is frenetic and, as the name tells us (gripe is Spanish for flu), their lyrics talk a lot about being sick, ill and tired. It’s about suffering, thinking your slowly decomposing  body will burst out soon. The continuous yells and screams are telling us they’ve had enough. And if things don’t change, they’ll spit and vomit their way out.

It’s not the raw an dirty sound a lot of bands from Santiago have been cultivating in recent years though. It’s more in the vein of classic hardcore punk from the early 80s. They made a cover of Adolescents’ “Self Destruction”, a homage to the kind of sound they went for as a band. They also have a lot of Circle Jerks on them (both bands happen to be from California).

The frenzy of this spazztic cover describes exactly how this album sounds like. If you need something direct and punky, without any unnecessary elements, this is right up your alley. This band is not looking to change music or the world. They just want an escape from it, something you might be also looking for.

You can find more information about them on the label’s Facebook page or write to: [email protected]

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