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Euglena – Близость EP

Fast, weird, extremely emotional and super melodic, still rough enough

Euglena Blizost

Artist: Euglena

Title: Близость

Release: EP

Year: 2013

Label: Basement Apes, Bloated Vein, Mind Control, Delicious Music

I love short records. I love the almost violent grip of those barely fifteen minutes of music, that are still so (over)saturated with angst, passion and creativity, that not only leave me crushed, but it make me smile evil, thinking that there are artists who can’t say even a tiny bit of all this in their double albums, and 20-minute-long songs.

Euglena are fast, weird, extremely emotional and super melodic, still rough enough. And I’m thankful their new EP Близость is barely 15 mintues long, I’m thankful because it’s so intense and direct that it surely won’t leave you bored of trying relentlessly to understand or analyze it. On the contrary it will just abandon you exhausted, but happy and striving for more.

I’m thankful that in times where I’m facing an utter disappointment for the lack of creativity within the hardcore/punk scene I’m still able to get in touch with people and bands, whose music is still carrying hope for the future of extreme music.

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