Convince – Russian Jawbreaker

Dark, hard-charging and pulverizing crust from Moscow.

convince-russian-jawbreakerArtist: Convince

Title: Russian Jawbreaker

Release: Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Self-Released

Moscow crusties Convince have released several splits, EPs and albums over the past decade that have stoked my anticipation about their latest offering, Russian Jawbreaker.

Wearing their influence on their sleeve—in this case, the obvious reference to Anti Cimex’s classic Scandinavian Jawbreaker LP—this new record actually features eight re-recorded tracks plucked from the earliest and raw sounding days of the band.

In these formative years, Convince played a classic take on the Discharge-by-way-of-Sweden primitive d-beat style of the aforementioned Anti Cimex, Crude SS, Shitlickers, and their legion of imitators. With each recording, however, Convince have managed to incorporate increasingly complex song structures (for a crust band) with hefty metallic riffs and a gruffer-than-gruff type of vocals, culminating in their 2018’s Eden LP.

The newer versions of these old Convince tracks are also significantly heftier, sturdier and more muscular than what they used to sound like on their earlier and rawer recordings. Released in 2020, Russian Jawbreaker perfectly blends the raw kängpunk aesthetics with loads of spiraling blackened riffs, raw-throated vocals, and even a dash of the so-called “stadium crust” too. You could point Martyrdöd, Wolfbrigade, and Disfear as being inspirations, but I really don’t want to play the “sounds like…” game here. Convince’s raw metallic tone bite down real hard, the bludgeoning d-beats will more than likely satisfy your expectations, and their Eastern European temper has a fiercer immediacy front to back.

In essence, Convince’s cauterizing Scandinavia-inspired crust is as unrelenting as it is unforgiving, and while Russian Jawbreaker has still not been released on vinyl yet, it is an absolute rager that stands head and shoulders above what constitutes the majority of crust punk scene at the moment.

If you have more interest in the Russian scene, members of Convince also play in DÏSPUT (crustcore), Nimrud (post-metal), and Ostrog (atmospheric black metal).

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