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Emma Goldman – Self-Titled EP

90's influenced screamo from Canada named after a dangerous anarchist lol

Artist: Emma Goldman

Title: Emma Goldman

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

I find it kinda weird that I have to write about a band called Emma Goldman. Okay, I know at least four different bands called Rosa Parks, but still… do we really need that? There are already too many bands named after famous people. Red Emma or The Anarchist Ice Cream Parlour could have been at least a bit more original names for a screamo band, I guess.

Anyway, this Emma Goldman is a three-piece screamo outfit from Vancouver, BC. Their demo, or self-titled EP if you like to call it that way, consists of four tracks that sound like something that I would have listened to with interest in my teenage years. They are nailing the 90’s emotive style quite well. It’s all right there—perplexed and anguished vocals, over the top personal/political poetry, and twinkly guitars that dangle right on the edge of real screamo. The melodies range from the climatic emo of Indian Summer to the noisier and chaotic sound of Honeywell. Add to that some more complex Maximilian Colby or Drive Like Jehu influences, and you’ll have a darn enjoyable record. Two out of the three members of Emma Goldman, namely Félix and Victoria, also play in dad thighs, another nice band that deserves some attention.

I think, David Norman of Zegema Beach Records also enjoyed the band and their attitude, to the point that he has attended and filmed their whole set at the record’s release show on March 16th, hence the Youtube title that says May 16, lol.

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