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dad thighs – The Ghosts That I Fear

Get on you sad vibes with this new release by dad thighs, a band from Canada that knows their emo history

Artist: dad thighs

Title: The Ghosts That I Fear

Release: Digital / Cassette

Year: 2016

Label: Old Press Records

How’s the Canadian scene going? Maybe this band from Vancouver could tell us about it with their music. dad thighs (stylized like that) is a fairly new band with an explosive sound that released their first demo back in 2013. That was followed by a split with Karate Kids and a live album in 2016, making this their first LP. Nine songs full of emotions that we’ll dive into right now

From the start, what’s most characteristic is their mix of indie emo, with the use of sweet arpeggios and chords, and screamo, with it’s distinctive tension. We go from soft melodies to a dark hardcore reminiscent of the Toronto band La Luna. Strongly present female vocals that go from reciting words, to harsh screams, with a soft clean voice in between and sometimes accompanied by male backing vocals. Not only their music, but also their aesthetic reminds me of the post-hardcore band Yaphet Kotto, a classic in the underground punk scene. Their liking for contrasts and melodic riffs is very present and obvious, as it probably their knowledge about past emotive hardcore bands from the 80’s and 90’s. They combine a lot of elements in a very well done way.

We are all in this together, but we all hate ourselves

This album is a an opportunity to come up with emo, punk and indie in a different way. Even when we hear something like a pop riff with a passionate vocal, it’s all in the context of the past music most of the people who’s into these genre have listened to. It’s not something new, at all, but it’s a really good remix. Don’t let the fact that they’re called dad thighs scare you. Also, this was mastered by Will Killingsworth from Orchid/Ampere. Of course he got the sound right.

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