El Primer Movimiento – Invocación EP

Ferocious and chaotic metalcore/mathcore, clearly influenced by bands like Converge and Coalesce

El Primer Movimiento EPArtist: El Primer Movimiento
Title: Invocación
Release: CDEP
Year: 2008
Label: Deadline Records

El Primer Movimiento come from the Chilean capital Santiago and my very first play of their EP pretty much has chopped my head.

The CD is about 20 minutes long and consists of five songs, each of them too damn powerful. The opener is the self-titled instrumental intro ‘”Invocación” which is slightly reminiscent of post-metal acts like Pelican and Cult of Luna. After the first seconds on the next track “Corazón Negro, Alma Negra”, the band explodes in a ferocious and chaotic metalcore/mathcore assault, clearly influenced by bands like Converge and Coalesce.

And that’s how the record sounds until its very end. It’s heavy, chaotic and noisy metalcore, totally worth a listen. The production is tight and the band itself too. In addition to the crushing sound and heavy vocal assault on the record, we have a nice cardboard artwork, colored in black and red. Simply put, this is a good release from a rather unknown band from Chile. Check them out!

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