locust – self-titled EP

The upcoming EP of Bulgarian metalcore/mathcore band locust is a distinctive gem in the sea of endless copycat bands.


Artist: locust

Title: locust

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2023

Label: Self-Released

Formed in 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria’s locust play a lively mix of old school metallic hardcore with technical mathcore elements and slick modern production. Reminiscent of Converge and Botch’s best moments, they employ a hectic riffing style and use constant tempo changes leaving the listener hooked instantly, submerged in the tense atmosphere.

George, the vocalist, takes up a diverse vocal technique using high and low growls and shouts similar to Anthony DiDio from who are an obvious big influence on the band. This is especially seen in the frequent and very properly placed breakdowns in “Floorboards” and “The Angel Pathogen”, their first two singles. 

Releasing on November 10th, 2023, the self-titled EP contains four songs, filled with dark dissonance, neck-breaking breakdowns, and an utterly perfectionistic composition, with the long-awaited mix done by Santiago Reyes and guest vocals from Dimi of Bulgarian screamo band Пустота on the final track. There’s even some seriously jarring chaotic jazzy parts not too different from The Dillinger Escape Plan’s early output. Combined with a very particular sense of texturization and beautifully done intersecting grooves, you can even say they reach a kind of transcendental order in chaos felt and heard in bands such as Discordance Axis or Human Remains.

This EP is obviously the result of a very long and devoted work process, a youthful enthusiasm to catch the ever-fleeting moments of inspiration in order to create soulful and meaningful hardcore—and albeit very inspired, it is definitely a vastly distinctive gem in the sea of endless copycat bands.

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