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Yarostan – Self-Titled

Passionate political post-hardcore inspired by Fredy Perlman's "Letters of Insurgents"

yarostan-lpArtist: Yarostan

Title: Yarostan

Release: LP / CD-r / Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Bus Stop Press, Crapoulet Records, Smart and Confused, Seaside Suicide, Longrail Records, Bike Punk Salamanca, Badmood Asso, Atlas Music

Another fascinating post-rock laden screamo release from France. Yarostan is a four-piece from La-Fare-les-Oliviers and Marseille with excellent dual vocals and dynamic work around soundscapes and emotional build-ups. Epic and intense, this could be your next great discovery in the lineage of Daïtro, Sed Non Satiata, Mihai Edrisch, and Aussitôt Mort / Mort Mort Mort.

The name Yarostan comes from the epistolary novel Letters of Insurgents, published in 1976 as a collective work of Fredy and Lorraine Perlman. In this beautiful and revolutionary inspiring collection, Yarostan Vochek and Sophia Nachalo are one-time lovers in an unnamed Eastern Bloc country who later find themselves on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain. Sharing anarchist ideals and lives in revolt, they start corresponding in pursuit of an insurgent path to liberation. [The band] Yarostan’s lyrics in French conceptualize on Perlman’s and other XX century to modern day anti-authoritarian philosophical leanings, creating a passionate, diverse and dynamic post-hardcore record with a deeply meaningful message. The five perplexing and long-winded pieces build, release and explode with a dazzling amalgamation of calming melody and chaos, as it works well for the genre.

Today, screamo and post-hardcore acts with a heavy or underlying emphasis on post-rock elements are favored by many music publications going in lengths about each individual track on their records and how they relate to snobby genre standards. In the case of an obscure and outspokenly political band like Yarostan, it is rather unlikely to be featured in any bigger media, but this particular style of music is the perfect emotional response applicable to their passionate poetry and influences.

The CD-r and tape version of the record were self-released by the band themselves. Another tape version is available from the outstanding Canadian label Zegema Beach Records as a 70+ minutes split release with another French band called Aleska. Yarostan’s self-titled LP comes out in cooperation between a myriad of wonderful DIY labels from France and Europe who are still keeping the flames of love & rage alive.

Here’s a video of “Aversion / Les cors pour assiéger la nuit” performed live in 2018. This one is actually a track from their 2016’s EP “Les ruines de notre temps”, but nonetheless one of my favorite Yarostan songs.

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