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Exclusive stream: xDevourx vs xReignx Split 7″

Ugly and Proud records with an epic transcontinental straight edge seven inch

No doubt Ugly and Proud Records are an all-time DIY Conspiracy favorite. The last few years they have been relentless in their efforts to make more and more great releases and have been working with rad bands like Racetraitor, Wake of Humanity, Old Ghosts and Die Young (TX) to name a few. It’s no secret the label they have heart for vegan straight edge and we’re glad to be exclusively streaming the latest portion of epic XXX hardcore they’re about to put out on a seven inch vinyl.Split Cover

As you’ve already read and saw before clicking, on the very same piece of wax, U&P have put together xDevourx, one of Europe’s hardest kicking straight edge bands and their brothers in arms  xReignx, coming straight from the US. The result? Well, that treat is on us. Hear it for yourself.

The 7″ will start shipping early August. Here’s some pressing info for the vinyl nerds among us:

The split comes on three vinyl colors with a limited edition xREIGNx t-shirt with an exclusive design, which is available only during the pre-orders.

  • Black / 100
  • Marbled blue / 115
  • Green / 135

This summer xDevourx are playing Ieperfest, Fluff Fest, OugRock Festival and Limburg Straight Edge Festival. Actually, their set at Fluff will be the actual release show of the split and together with U&P they are cooking a limited edition of the record coming in 24 copies with a special cover.

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