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WARxGAMES – Violent & Depressed EP

Fast, excruciating, antifascist hardcore from Baltimore's scene veterans

warxgames-violent-and-depressedArtist: WARxGAMES

Title: Violent & Depressed

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Refuse Records, React! Records

Zero bullshit and straight to the point, Baltimore’s WARxGAMES play an intense, frantic and scratchy powerviolence-tinged hardcore served up just the way you’d expect it. Packed into this EP are nine blistering bullets confronting cops, fascists and this whole society-system that makes us increasingly anxious, violent, and depressed.

WARxGAMES’ Violent & Depressed will perk you up from the moment this hits your record player, they pound away with a venting a rage that needs to be released in a straight-forward, aggressive way. Featuring members of hardcore/powerviolence veterans such as The Pist, Triac and Deep Sleep, it’s no surprise this EP came out to be released on two of the most iconic labels in recent hardcore history—Refuse Records in Europe & React! in the States. As you might already have guessed, WARxGAMES are also a straight edge band, which makes it grew even more on me. This is some of the best things in this particular genre since Vaccine, Poison Planet, or Sick Fix.

Make sure you blast this one, kids!


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