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WAR//PLAGUE – Into The Depths

On their 10th anniversary, War//Plague is still the best American crust band today.

war-plague-into-the-depthsArtist: WAR//PLAGUE

Title: Into The Depths

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Phobia Records, Organize And Arise

Just when you thought that crust punk couldn’t get any better, there’s a band like WAR//PLAGUE that constantly sets the new standards for the genre.

On their 10th anniversary, WAR//PLAGUE’s sound remains as uncompromising as ever. Building upon an impressive legacy of the heydays of the anarcho/crust scene, “Into The Depths” is a sturdy masterpiece of galloping thrash-infused frenzy. Although, as the band progress in their musicianship over the years, they don’t fear incorporating sludge, doom, post-punk or any kind of other influences into their longstanding crust and stench assault.

Ten tracks of brooding metallic crust that hover around the two- to three-and-a-half-minute mark is the order of the day in “Into The Depths”.

All hell breaks loose with Delirium, the opener that has been streamed in advance to reveal what’s to come and expect on this record. From the first second on, Machine seethes into a constant crust punk/d-beat bombardment from all directions. It’s the shortest and angriest out of all the tracks on here. On Nightfall, WAR//PLAGUE build up the tension with sludgier parts and guitar chords lifted straight out of the death metal songbooks, then kicking into the quintessential d-beat whirlwind on Graveyard and Autonomy—both tracks overflowing with defiant narratives to dethrone our rulers and build a new society upon the ashes of all hierarchical systems. Contention is another fast and angry protest song that blends the various influences into a short and calculated anger. Gallows is more like a mid-paced thrash with a Motörhead-esque signature. Life Cycle and Self Evident are finest examples of 90’s crust that harkens back to the old WAR//PLAGUE material. And with its heavy chugs and relentless barrage of epic-fucking-metal, Bloodshot Eyes is a solid ending to this record. The experienced Minneapolis veterans know what they’re doing, and they are doing it well.

To recap, this is one of the most captivating modern crust records to date. The tradition of Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, Amebix, Aus-Rotten, and Misery is inherently present into WAR//PLAGUE’s music, lyrics and artwork since the early days of this outstanding Minneapolis outfit. However, the band have always been striving to evolve and grow to new levels of intensity and originality. “Into The Depths” harbors the best you can get from both punk and metal aesthetics, while remaining truly dedicated to the DIY underground and global anarchist movement. This record is a must!

Every revolution of the machine means profit for the wealthy and their offspring. They live above the light, bathing in a life of privilege.

The forgotten and oppressed live below, in the depths—fuel for progress and for profit. Disobey your lords and you too shall go below.

But the more added to the depths, the higher it will rise. Until the day comes when it overflows, the revolution of the people will begin.


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