Wake The Dead – Meaningless Expectations

France has always had great emotional hardcore bands and Wake The Dead are not an exception, but another gem

Wake The Dead Meaningless Expectations
Artist: Wake The Dead
Title: Meaningless Expectations
Release: 10″ EP / Digital
Year: 2012
Label: Don’t Trust The Hype Rec, Bad Mood Rec, Culture Punk, Lockjaw, Effervescence, More Than Ink Tattoo, Live & Learn Records

Meaningless Expectations is short but truly passionate record by the French melodic hardcore band Wake The Dead from Marseille.

It’s certainly not a groundbreaker, but it’s still a 10″ vinyl with six fast, emotional tracks on it. At first listen, Wake The Dead sound similar to a bunch of bands we all love and enjoy, but as soon as you dig deeper into the record, that feeling fades away and you are left with the music of the band itself. Hardcore punk has always been a free scene, and in that sense, everyone is free to be influenced by whoever/whatever they want.

Even if Wake The Dead sometimes feel close to the likes of The Effort, Comeback Kid (obvious reference in the band name), maybe even More Than Life; Meaningless Expectations is a Wake The Dead record and should only be perceived as such. The lyrics are very personal, sometimes a bit figurative, but in each song you can follow a true story. France has always had great emotional hardcore bands and Wake The Dead are no exception, but another gem.

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