VVORSE – Ajatus vapaudesta EP

Fresh and melodic crust from Finland.

vvorse-ajatus-vapaudestaArtist: VVORSE

Title: Ajatus vapaudesta

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

I’m admittedly unfamiliar with this band from Jyväskylä in Finland and their previous body of work, but I’ll try my best here.

Apparently, the title of this record translates as “A Thought of Freedom” and speaks for itself about the political nature of their message. There are five tracks on here with lyrics in Finnish and these guys seem very serious in delivering some memorable songs with melody and power!

With epic intros bursting into some raging d-beats while interweaving neat melodic guitar work, VVORSE is right up the alley of bands like Tragedy, Victims and From Ashes Rise. It’s true that this particular influence has been way overdone during the last decade, but I’m still very much digging it.

VVORSE is a band that sounds solid thanks to the skilled musicianship that I can sense from what I’ve heard on this release. They have some pretty cool modern hardcore breakdowns and At The Gates-laden metal riffs to make their sound more compelling. I guess, the Finnish vocals are also doing the job pretty well. The vocal style is really powerful and it’s no secret that Scandinavian languages are paramount to any kind of metal-influenced music. It’s always nice to see a band singing in their native tongue anyway. The production sounds very clean for a DIY band and it comes in a cassette tape format. This is definitely enjoyable to my taste.


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