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Violent Vatican – Vice City

Seriously... what the hell was that? Said in a good way... kinda

a0265019873_10Artist: Violent Vatican

Title: Vice City EP

Release: CD / Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

Rarely do I have a hard time writing about something I’ve listened. Even the most mindless music I get to review or simply listen to I’m able to put in words pretty easily. But what Violent Vatican recorded and released as the EP Vice City seriously messed with my head. Okay, I read the description, yes, it said jazz funk fusion mixed with hardcore. I was okay, that’ll be interesting. I still don’t know if it is.

So the four dudes at Violent Vatican spent I-don’t-know-neither-do-I-care-how-many years playing on their instruments and were able to come up with a 13-minutes-long EP, which is mostly instrumental. They do play some jazz and funk stuff indeed, they have the sax around, the crazy bass, with a lot of pinch harmonics and shit, at some point they unleash the distortion and get to playing some ermm… crossover (?!?) common metal thingy, definitely not hardcore from where I stand.

Then there’s some random screaming of… words (which I couldn’t find the lyrics for). Yeah, the guys are skilled, they play something interesting, but it mostly sounds to me as if they are just: a) showing off b) messing around c) both. Maybe they gotta stick to something more thorough before I can give them a decent review because 13 minutes of music, which is randomly jumping through the stereotypes of a bunch of genres doesn’t really tell me anything. If that was the purpose then we have a kick ass EP of skilfully played music. Nothing more, nothing less.

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