Still Sea – Old Cells Will Die & Cover Every Lie EP

Artist: Still Sea
Title: Old Cells Will Die & Cover Every Lie EP
Release: Digital
Year: 2014
Label: DIY

Well played but unfortunately short lived post-hardcore project from the States. The band was formed in Salt Lake City and recorded their first EP in the end of 2011. After a Spring tour through the Northwest (2012) Still Sea continued writing new stuff and playing local shows throughout the Summer of 2012. Unfortunately the plans of releasing a full-length were abandoned when an opportunity had been given to their singer Derek Ballard to follow his passion as a designer/professional illustrator in Salzburg, Austria.

The band went into a studio in September 2012 and recorded two new songs in a rush before Derrek moved to Europe. After a year and a half the songs “Bruxism” and “Skinvelope” have been issued but only digital through their bandcamp page. To me, personally, the sound reminds me of the emotive guitar work of bands like Off Minor, Hot Cross, etc., mixed with the hardcore sound of Born Against and the more progressive work of Botch or Cave-In. The lyrics are what really impress me in Still Sea, the lyrical approach reminds of bands like Four Walls Falling and the Ebullition back catalogue. In Derek’s own words the lyrical themes revolve around “Distress related to political injustice, senseless bureaucratic regulations, greed, and mortality. The lyrics don’t present any solutions, they’re simply a way to blow off steam.”

Fortunately, the digital issue of “Old Cells Will Die & Cover Every Lie” EP comes with a digital zine in PDF format where you can find more information about the band plus the lyrics and their explanations. You can download the EP + the digital zine for free from here or their bandcamp page.

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