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Shizune – Le Voyageur Imprudent

Shizune's "Le Voyageur Imprudent" just blasts right through with emotion that makes it spot on as one of the best "real screamo" releases of 2015

shizine le voyageur imprudentArtist: Shizune

Title: Le Voyageur Imprudent

Release: LP / Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: Dog Knights Productions, Driftwood Records

So… I just don’t know where to begin with this one really, I like Shizune so much that I think their first full-length is just plain awesome. When I’ve discovered this band in 2013 with their first EP they took me back to the time I’ve listened to favorite Italian bands like Raein and La Quiete for a first time.

Shizune takes your breath away with its intriguing chords and superb screaming vocals that never sound vapid. They are incredibly catchy and the intricate melodies are flying at you from all directions while the lyrics sung in Italian, English and a little bit of French may seem really vague and full of imagery. If you’re still excited about Euro skramz then you should definitely give it a try, because “Le Voyageur Imprudent” just blasts right through with emotion that makes it spot on as one of the best “real screamo” releases of 2015. Big up for Dog Knights Productions for constantly releasing such a good music over the last couple of years. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.

P.S. Too bad that “Le Voyageur Imprudent” was coreleased by Driftwood Records, whose owner Max Eckert turned out to be such a terrible piece of shit.

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