Service – Charm

Noise-rock influenced post-hardcore quartet from Boston, MA

Artist: Service

Title: Charm

Release: Digital

Year: 2017

Service is a noise-rock influenced post-hardcore quartet coming from Boston, MA and they have just released their very first debut EP ‘Charm’. Three tracks, all clocking around 5 minutes of total reminiscence of noise rock, math rock and post-hardcore. They’ve got some real flavors around here. So original, fresh and true to its roots. A true relation to where it came out to grow out sounding just like it is.

The EP opens up with a ear-bleeding feedback followed by the marching of noisy discordance and mathy structures of disturbing paranoia, then in time transitions in a quiet yet unnerving acoustic part which it builds up to the point of the chaos once again. The last verse repeated three times following with more discordance just leaves me shunned and haunted.

Pain lifts us, can’t stand to miss us.
Laugh and dismiss us.
I cannot fix us.
What’s the frame again,
I forget the game again.

Change, misstep.
Face, reset.
Cold, inset.
Raise, except.
I don’t think you know,
Iron doesn’t grow.
Pay me what you owe,
I already said so.

If you are either a Fugazi or a Drive Like Jehu fan, you would love this. If you haven’t heard of any of these classic post-hardcore acts, you’d still love this.

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