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Scars From a Dead Room – Vengeance

Anonymous post-modern black metal project Scars From a Dead Room is back with a new full-length which breaks all boundaries of the genre


Artist: Scars From a Dead Room

Title:  Vengeance

Release: CDTape / Digital

Year: 2016


After а very promising and thankfully very well-perceived debut album Scars From a Dead Room is back with a new grim offering. Again released by France’s BLWBCK on tape, but on CD via Distant Voices as well, the project has never sounded so powerful. Vengeance is a huge album. It’s spanning over a bit less than an hour, but it feels like forever – not because the music is bad, on the contrary, because it’s painfully captivating.

There’s always this slightly bad taste in my mouth when I hear the words one man black metal project, there’s just so much shallow shit of that kind out there, it’s not real. But here the anonymous human behind the project has managed to drain the last blood of their own creativity and the project is really brought to its artistic extremes. The pieces in Vengeance are complex and varying both in terms of arrangement, depth and layering, but as length and vibe as well. We’re offered a contemporary black metal record, which is not afraid to worship the lo-fi and violent aesthetics of the primal years of the genre, but dares to look at it through the eyes of 2016 as well. The music is morphing through the whole album, each piece is a different wound, exploited in a different way and so very different are the music means utilized through the whole album. Scars From a Dead Room is experimenting with ambiances, both long and short compositions, semi-acoustic instrumentations and vocals ranging from purely depressive and free form to very raw, but neatly arranged and sometimes even melodic. There’s no single genre boundary left unbroken here.

Black metal in Vengeance is not a blindly applied genre tag or a mere musical tool. Black metal here is explored as a creative realm. Actually the only environment, which can allow the music born in the scarred dead room grow, breathe and burn in its own flames. The fact there’s only one brain and soul behind this album makes it a very personal and deeply self-exploratory journey with a pretty figurative ending. Vengeance feels very menacing as well, because you don’t really want this grim mind walking the same streets as you.

Yeah, yeah, I’m over-reacting, but it is black this new Scars From a Dead Room album, it’s black and burning so it should be feared of.

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