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Sangue X Odio’s ‘Ousar lutar, ousar vencer’ out now on U&P

Always great to be reminded that hardcore punk knows no borders and can't skip the news that a Bulgarian label is releasing a band hailing all the way from São Paulo, Brazil.

Known for their ear for the metallic side of hardcore punk, especially raising the banner of vegan straight edge, Bulgarian hardcore imprint Ugly and Proud Records has recently expanded their publishing activities by establishing a new tape series of releases.

Among those already featured there are bands like legends Racetraitor, Greg Bennick’s Bystander, Sweden’s Struggle, German newcomers xResistancex and Bulgarian hardcore powerhouses Expectations and King Of Sorrow.

Sangue Ódio

However, today we’re talking about the latest tape release on U&P and that would be coming from straight across the ocean. Sangue X Odio are a São Paulo-based heavy-weight hardcore band, whose raw and heavy-weight sound is a perfect match from the label.

You can stream ‘Ousar lutar, ousar vencer’ below and order one of the 50 tapes here as they’ll surely not last for too long.

As to what U&P are hiding in their sleeves for the first half of 2020, we might have heard some rumours about The Path & Psychic Weight, Bystander and Old Ghosts tapes on the horizon, but shhhht you haven’t heard that here.

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