Rötbrains – Nekro Punk Terör

Zombie punk terror from Turkey

rotbrains-nekro-punk-terorArtist: Rötbrains

Title: Nekro Punk Terör

Release: 10″ / Tape / Digital 

Year: 2018

Label: Dead Generation Records, Profsny Records

How many times have you been bloody chainsaw attacked by a bunch of wonky, Kawakami worshiping zombies? Not yet? I guess, you haven’t listened to a lot of Turkish d-beat and raw punk either.

Rötbrains hail from Istanbul’s enormous in its size and population district of Kadıköy with the gore intention of eating your brains and guts, but not until first destroying your eardrums with an extreme noise that we call punk.

Here we have a filthy dozen of songs that will easily give you a headache. All lyrics are in Turkish language, so that’s your chance to learn some new words. The songs are pummeling with misanthropy and necrotic punk terror from start to finish, so if you’re into bands like Anti Cimex, Tampere SS, and Disorder, but looking for an unexplored territories or foreign languages, you may like this band.

The record was released in a limited number of 50 cassette tapes by Dead Generation Records in Turkey and soon to be pressed on a 10″ vinyl of a hundred copies by Dead Generation and Profsny Records. Thumbs up for Ozge, the guy of Profsny who lives in Czechia and puts out Turkish bands on vinyl! This is really awesome.

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