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A night of Rocket Psyence in Sofia

On May 14th Sofia's underground scene will be mostly tripping thanks to four psychedelic bands you might haven't before heard of

Rocket Psyence Poster
Poster by Emanuela Belovarski

When few months ago we went to Comasummer‘s debut show (read the report here) we were secretly hoping this psychedelic night will be repeated and hopefully turned into a wave that will drown the usually calm and pretty ordinary scene of Sofia, Bulgaria. Here we are now. Some two months later and eager to share with you the news that not only Comasummer are back with a new show, but they managed to drag a few friends in a psychedelic affair called Rocket Psyence Night. Here’s why on May 14th you better get your bottom to Sofia’s *Mixtape 5* club, especially if you’re in town.

The event is actually a happy celebration since it’s meant to fill an otherwise pretty significant gap in Bulgarian underground music, which until now has been kind of lacking genres such as psychedelic & neo-psychedelic rock, surf rock, shoegaze, noise rock and post-punk. Enough with the praise, here’s who’s playing.

We start with the debut – The Black Swells, formed in 2014, never before seen live, featuring members of Doesn’t Frogs, who are also a pretty new name and also playing that show. Influenced by bands like The Black Angels, Thee Oh Sees and The Growlers, in The Black Swells you’ll find a lot of surf, garage and psychedelic rock influences. Below’s a sample.

Nick Chongi & Chichi is a duo, which recently played Sofia with Serbia’s mad surf trio Threesome. Before that Chongi used to be a one man army, quite cool to watch live. Some super melodic surf and blues influenced rock’n’roll is what you can expect from these two lads. Check out their first official video and worry not about Chongi’s playing the guitar on the ski track, besides a musician he’s a pro athlete from Bulgaria’s national ski team.

I think we’ve already mentioned Comasummer enough, so we’ll leave their music to do the talking. Let’s just say their neo psychedelic sound is huge and sparse so we can’t wait to experience it in a crammed venue, on a huge PA and under their hallucinatory visuals. Good stuff is DIYconspiracy doesn’t do drugs, otherwise it would be a tough trip to return from.

The last treat for the night are Doesn’t Frogs. That’s a band, which for the past few months has received quite the feedback. A noise trio (synths, guitars and drums), featuring former Voyvoda members, describing themselvs as post-apocalyptic noise pop from hell, we think that’s pretty much saying it all.

So, see you there, right?

P.S. The night will end with a DJ selection by NoBoris in the same vein of the show. The Facebook event is here.

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