Remember For The Kids photo zine is out now

For The Kids Booking just published a retrospective photo zine to help a friend win a fight with a serious medical condition

For The Kids Booking are among the hardest-working booking collectives in Sofia in the past few years. Lately they’ve slowed down a bit, but according to today’s news they haven’t been slacking. In times where printed media is thought to be dying the three hardcore kids have just put out REMEMBER FOR THE KIDS: a retrospective photo zine tracing the history of all the shows they have booked from 2009 until 2016.

What’s more, the zine has a mission! All proceeds will go to help a good friend of For The Kids Booking, who’s currently fighting a serious medical condition. Get it from Ugly & Proud Records, or if you’re around Sofia, Bulgaria, check out the upcoming shows of the crew.

REMEMBER FOR THE KIDS was designed by visual artist Georgi Sharov and features gig photography by Ursus Photography, 4 ICE Photography, Ivaylo Totev, George Chelebiev, Valeri Veselinski, Aneliya Moravska and short interviews with bands like Trial, Bane, By The Grace of God, Ruiner, Carpathian, Parkway Drive and whatnot.

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