Reaction fanzine #11 is out this month

After almost two years of silence, Hungary's Reaction zine is back with issue number 11. Sentence, Protein, Higher Power and Night Birds are just a few of the bands featured this time.

Almost two years in the works Reaction fanzine issue #11 is out on June 20, 2019. Even though the Hungarian version of the zine has been out since April, one of Europe’s finest bilingual zine is now ready to reach hardcore kids from all over the world. With an amazing cover artwork drawn by Melinda Haraszti-Kovács some of the highlights in the issue are:

Chris Colohan—singer for bands like Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, Burning Love and now Sect. Reaction asked him about all of them and a bunch of other things.

Higher Power—vocalist Jimmy Wizard, talks about their record called Soul Structure and… Harry Potter.

Michelle Olaya—Reaction have always been passionate about conversing with key photographers in the hardcore punk scene and Michelle is one of the big names in the game.

Always dedicated to investigating and discussing the best of the European scene Reaction #11 features interviews with Satelles, Gear and Hanoi (Hungary), Protein (Poland), Ponor and Sentence (Croatia), Time To Heal (Sweden) and Woodwork (France). No need to mention the seven (!!!) pages of reviews you’ll find in the zine.

If you love your social media follow Reaction here but most importantly order the zine by dropping them a line on [email protected] until they launch a webstore.

For the most curious fanzine aficionados, here’s some history of the zine.

Reaction fanzine first appeared in 2006 and its first five issues (published the following four years) were in Hungarian. What started with an A5 size 72 pages Xeroxed first issue that sold over 300 copies, became a professionally printed and very thick fanzine. Sadly in 2009 Reaction went on a hiatus. In 2015 Bence Sabján, one of the Reaction founders, also involved in Budapest-based booking crew For The Kids was asked by a friend to do an interview together, the resulting text was too long for the online media it was originally meant for and the need for a printed medium appeared once again.

So, Reaction was back and within six months two new releases were published. Number 7 had both Hungarian and English version followed by a Winter special called “Farewell to Bane”, again bilingual and in the impressive run of almost sold out 500 printed copies. Issues #8, #9 (published in 2016) and #10 (published in 2017) were also warmly welcomed by the scene.

Let’s hope number 11 will share the same faith.

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