Razgruha / Vile Species – Split

New split from two of the best DIY grindcore bands in Europe.

razgruha-vile-species-splitArtist: Razgruha / Vile Species

Title: Split

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Kontingent Records

Released on 29th October 2021, Kontingent Records brings out a new split from “two truly dedicated DIY grindcore bands” from two Balkan capitals: Sofia, Bulgaria-based Razgruha and Vile Species from Athens, Greece.

Razgruha’s side starts with “20%”, a track that begins with blackened sludge reminiscent of Dragged Into Sunlight before breaking out into ultrafast beats and guttural vocals more in line with their crusty grindcore roots. As they grind their way through the seven tracks, Razgruha use samples and a variety of vocals to help add a palette of textures to their side, but where they shine brightest is their use of thick, hard breakdowns.

Knowing when to grind and when to allow some space for groove really makes their claustrophobic bludgeoning all the more powerful when they hit full speed. Switching between English and Bulgarian lyrics will also provide something a little more interesting to anyone who can make sense of the words beneath their larynx-shredding vocals.

Vile Species’ side begins with “Detestment” and as if things couldn’t get any more brutal and caustic after Razgruha have said their piece, the Greek grinders manage to up the ante even more with piercing high vocals complementing the gutturals.

Like Razgruha though, Vile Species use their dynamics and tempo changes to their advantage with “Ptomaine” bringing heavy stomping rock beats punctuating their grinding assault. It’s not that Razgruha are a sloppy band, not at all, but the complexity and precision on display here, especially on the start-stop, powerviolence-esque moments and the lightning fast drum fills make Vile Species stand out even amongst the most accomplished grind bands as a tight as fuck outfit. “Apathetic Subsistence” hits hard, relying more on breakdowns and d-beats than previously heard on the record, making this track serve as an epic closer to an awesome split.


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