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Perra Vida – Self-Titled EP

Raging yet melodic feminist punk from Peru

perra-vida-epArtist: Perra Vida

Title: Perra Vida

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self released

There are no metal breakdowns, no empty macho pose, just straight-ahead feminist punk raging from Lima-based band Perra Vida (Bitch Life).

The band formed at the beginning of the year out of the necessity to give something new and different to the Peruvian punk scene, which apparently has a little participation of women in bands. Perra Vida’s debut EP consists of five tracks that teeter on a world of depression, drug abuse and patriarchal violence, while hanging on by a thread of hope that things will change.

Perra Vida delivers an energetic push of raging and slightly melodic hardcore punk sung in Spanish. The relentless punk-rock rhythm winds and pummels through these songs to make the listener entertained, aware, and angry at the same time.

The EP starts with Célebres Plumíferos, a classic slab of punk-rock rage telling people to wake up from the slumber imposed by media, politicians and greedy bastards that control our lives. Heroína is a self-explanatory song that stems from the addiction and drug-related issues in society, while Nobles e Infames is a song criticizing Christianity and organized religion.

The highlight of the record is the fourth song Acoso that deals with rape culture and sexual harassment. The song was inspired by a real life event from April 2018 when the 22-year old Eyvi Liset Agreda Marchena got burned alive by her stalker inside a public bus at rush hour in Lima.

The song was written from a personal perspective by Perra Vida’s singer Diana to talk about how women have to deal with sexual harrasment everywhere; at home, on the streets, at the shows. The last song on the record, Dime que no, is a song directed at a boy to stop playing games and ruining a relationship.

The EP was recorded in Peru but mixed and mastered by the extraordinary Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, Bucket Full of Teeth) at his Dead Air Studios in Massachusetts, USA. The sound is just great for a demo, and I’m totally thrilled and excited to listen to such good DIY stuff coming from Peru! This is punk in all its authenticity.

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