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Mental Development – Self-Titled

Powerviolence from Macedonia

Mental Development Macedonia
Artist: Mental Development
Title: Mental Development
Release: CD-r
Year: 2008
Label: Boiling Point, DHP-AK47

Mental Development was a young powerviolence/thrashcore band from Skopje, Macedonia’s capital. In their debut recordings the dudes ripped it up with 7 songs of 6 minutes in total. The recordings are awful and everything’s DIY to the bone. Just angry kids from the shithole of Europe playing as fast as they can.

In their lyrics they praise skateboarding  and deadly assault cops, nationalists and high-school teachers. Even if you can’t hear any other words, you’ll easily recognize the word ‘fuck’ used many times in their tracks. So if you are curious to hear a powerviolence band from Macedonia, you’ll have six minutes of fun with Mental Development.

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