Loneliness – Loneliness (of Mine)

Those who have taste of The Angelic Process and lovesliescrushing, this dark ambient/black metal EP from the duo from Richmond, VA will never disappoint your desires


Artist: Loneliness

Title: Loneliness (of Mine)

Release: Digital

Year: 2016

A couple of gnarly ghosts (Mitchie S. and Rachel L.) formed into Loneliness, rising from their graves weightlessly from the lands of Richmond, Virginia. They have come out to haunt us with their new ep ‘Loneliness (of Mine)’.

It starts with ‘A week of blushing//weak from gushing (we fall like the rain)’ where the dark ambient drone clouds are closing the light around us and then the mist is already closing in on us until we cannot see in the dark. The second half, then, starts off with this nasty rainstorm of merciless tornado of guitars and agonizing screams, while an angelic female force desperately attempts to protect us from it.

Then we follow the closure of ‘it was just the last moment like that’ with those really sweet gothic organs taking the lead of the song, accompanied once more by this last torture of distortion and screams before it all goes to silence.

Pretty surprising to see that this duo is pretty much of a nod to The Angelic Process, lovesliescrushing, Dark ambient and a few more. Loneliness is, surprisingly, one of the rare discoveries of 2016.

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