Kronstadt – Antipoder

Third album of Barcelona's anarchist rapper Kronstadt.


Artist: Kronstadt

Title: Antipoder

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Self-Released

What better place to find a revolutionary anarchist music than in the city of Barcelona with its indelible memories of social revolution in 1936?

With an eclectic logo of a Russian sailor of the Kronstadt rebellion holding a boombox, undeniable energy and an unapologetic strategy of being bold about his anarchist ideas, Kronstadt has not only become the red-and-black flag bearer of European DIY hip-hop scene since his first live shows and debut album came out around 2008-2009, but has subsequently delivered some of the most outspoken albums in the genre.

Following En Pie De Guerra (2009) and RaPcción Directa (2010), Antipoder is Kronstadt’s third record and his first solo recorded material in a decade. Although, for the last few years, he was part of several collaborations, including The Future Is Still Unwrtitten project uniting anarchist hip-hop artists from all over Europe.

The first song I’ve heard of Antipoder was the single “Mirando las estrelas”, which was released in November, 2019 with its magnificently produced official video clip. The song spans for over seven minutes and it’s the record’s longest, most melancholic and deeply emotional track. In this song, Kronstadt pays a homage to five comrades, no longer in this world with us, who were part of both the antiauthoritarian movement and the DIY hardcore punk / hip-hop scene.

Other powerful tracks on the record include the title track “Antipoder”, where Kronstadt raps about his own introspective story of becoming an anarchist. From his childhood memories when his father was upset by the politicans—when the little fellow realized there’s something wrong with politics in general; through his first steps in the anarcho-syndicate—meeting the old anarchists who shared their revolutionary stories of fighting the fascists with Durruti and establishing the collectives in Aragon, to some other stories of life and love for Anarchy. “No Borders No Nations” is an upbeat hip-hop anthem for migrant and refugee solidarity with guest appearance of Daisy Chain rapping in Greek. “Si vis Pacem” is another banger taking on the military interventions, police repressions, and people’s resistance in both fighting spirit and mutual aid against the state and capital.

Without any pretentious beats or groundbreaking rap skills, Kronstadt is just someone who utilizes the counterculture of hip-hop to expand on political topics and present the anarcho-communist ideas in a more personal artistic way—from the ideological positions of classic anarchism to all sorts of fresh viewpoints and perspectives. Antipoder is a DIY hip-hop record made from the heart, it’s sentimental, melancholic and undoubtedly political.

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