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Il Teatro Delle Ombre – Con L’inverno Negli Occhi

Old school Euro screamo

Artist: Il Teatro Delle Ombre
Title: Con L’inverno Negli Occhi
Release: CD
Year: 2011
Label: Distruzionexluso, KLAS Production, CAJ Records, Kalashnikov Collective, Produzioni Agricole, Scatti Vorticcsi DIY Records, Choices of Your Own, Fra il di e il fa autoproduzioni

It is a CD that I’ve got at Fluff Fest after a guy who bought bunch of copies of my zine for his distro gave it to me for free. He said he is not living in Italy anymore but it’s the full discography of his band when he was still residing there. The bleak cover artwork and the fact that his distro was full of political literature and crust records made me think that it’s some devastating crust or grindcore band. But I was surprised to hear some nice mid 90’s emocore from this band called Il Teatro Delle Ombre (The Theatre of Shadows).

The discography CD contains 26 songs or overall 72 minutes of music. As with every discography record it’s interesting to follow the progress of songwriting and how the quality of sound recording changes as you listen to more songs. As I said, it’s mid 90’s emotional hardcore tunes and it reminds me a lot of old French bands, especially the likes of Ivich, Jasemine, Anomie and Peu Être.

The lyrics are all in Italian and there are quotes by William Faulkner and Albert Camus in the liner notes after them, although the artwork is so dark and quality of printing so bad that barely see any word in the booklet. It’s a CD-r with totally shitty xerox covers but the music is what is important here. It’s interesting band for people into mid 90’s European emo.

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