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Horseback – Half Blood

A twisted and weird mixture of some of the most interesting genres in contemporary music

Horseback Half Blood
Artist: Horseback
Title: Half Blood
Release: LP
Year: 2012
Label: Relapse Records

I got into Horseback after I saw a really lo-fi live video I guess on Youtube, it was a really fascinating, simple, but intelligently built instrumental piece. From time to time I was coming back to this live footage, but it took me a while to finally check a studio record. Then last year when Horseback put their Half Blood full-length, it was few months before I finally checked it out. I really like when I establish such a weird connection with a band’s music, because it feels as if it’s an interpretation of real human relations.

To cut the crap, please get into this band immediately. Do dig post/noise-rock, drone, shoegaze or lo-fi? Well Horseback have them all. Their music is a twisted and weird mixture of some of the most interesting genres in contemporary music, and I’m sure in the future they will become even more messed up.

Half Blood is a perfect record, offering possibly everything to the listener. It’s atmospheric, it’s sometimes dark, but sometimes even amusing. It sounds really natural both in terms of ideas and production. Half Blood has this dusty, warm feeling. But the vocals, man… At first they will make you feel so uncomfortable, but then you’ll fall in love with them forever.

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