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Henry Fonda – Front Antinational

16 songs in 15 minutes of antifascist powerviolence from Berlin

henry-fonda-front-antinationalArtist: Henry Fonda

Title: Front Antinational

Release: LP, Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Nerdcore Records

Berlin wrecking crew Henry Fonda is back with their second full-length called “Front Antinational”, which means antifascist militancy to the bone.

The record takes off with the title track featuring the coolest guy Hugues of Puzzle Records singing his Oi! part in French before it all turns into a full-bore hardcore punk assault with an antifascist attitude. All 16 songs blaze in around fifteen minutes following the typical formula for the band of combining SPAZZ-style adrenaline pumping powerviolence with metallic riffs and stompy mosh parts.

Besides the overt political overtones, the lyrics (part English, part deutsch) also deal with personal issues, “scene politics” (Haha Hardcore, Caught in the Act) and the usual anti-hipster rant (21 Instagramm). If you’re familiar with the band, Front Antinational offers nothing new. If you like their “Deutschland, du Täter” LP, and I’m sure you do, this is definitely worth picking up.

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