Groak – Masticator EP

Groak's debut "Masticator" EP was released digitally on their bandcamp page in September 2015 and on cassette tape in a limited run of 50 copies

groak-masticatorArtist: Groak

Title: Masticator

Release: Cassette EP / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: FxHxExD Records

Groak’s debut “Masticator” EP was released digitally on their bandcamp page in September 2015. Since then the band has gained a positive feedback from their local scene, largely due to the fact that they feature former members of everybody’s favourite powerviolence bands such as Suffering Mind and The Day Man Lost.

Unlike the fast and unrelenting blast beats of the above-mentioned bands, Groak’s music is slow and sludgy. The 4 tracks clocking in 25 minutes will bring to your mind every band with low-tuned, heavy and distorted bass/guitar that you might appreciate. Listening to these songs I was eagerly waiting for the moment when the depressing sludge beats and haltered stoner riffs will be interrupted by some insane outbursts of blast beats and screams, too bad that never really happened with the exception of some faster parts in the opening track “Trichobezoar”, which is my favourite on the record. Although it’s a good release of a band maintaining a solid DIY attitude and doing a lot to their local hardcore/sludge/powerviolence scene in Leeds.

The good news is “Masticator” EP has been released on a cassette tape in limited run of 50 copies through FxHxExD label, and their split 7″ EP with the local grinders Lugubrious Children is coming out now via Mind Reaper Collective, Rad Nauseam and Hackebeil Records.

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