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German Compliment: DIY Punk Zine

I really like your zine, but...

German Compliment

Always nice to see a new zine around! This time it comes from Germany, with compliments. I saw a friend tagged on a Facebook post about the first issue of the zine, so I immediately contacted the guys and got one in the mail not long after.

The feeling of having a fresh punk zine in the mail is unbeatable. Kudos to all the kids who still do paper runs, it still makes sense in a world full of smartphones. Just take my word about that!

I won’t get into details about the contents and stories within the German Compliment, but let’s say it has articles in both English and German, and covers the topics of touring, writing a zine… it has cool recipes; and all in all, this isn’t your typical punk zine. That’s a compliment.

OK, here’s a sneak peek. But seriously, if you’re curios and wanna add another cool zine to your collection, order one here while they last.

German Compliment DIY Punk Zine
Anna from Skinpin has an article about their year-long tour in Europe… Primo stuff.

German Compliment DIY Punk Zine

German Compliment DIY Punk Zine
Oh, it’s this guy again…

Maeglin and Cornelius have put a great piece together and I am looking forward for #2. You guys wanna feature my band?!

Make sure to check these guys’ other active outputs:

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