Gendo Ikari – Unit 1

Artist: Gendo Ikari

Title: Unit 1

Release: Vinyl / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Mind Ripper Collective

Gendo Ikari is a really sick grindcore band from Glasgow, UK. Their brutal jams consist of influences from death metal and Early 80’s Grindcore. They have just released their debut EP “Unit 1” on Mind Ripper Collective.

Seven tracks of pure brutality. Blasts beats and sinister riffs don’t mean nothing without the evilness inside. Like most grindcore bands, Gendo Ikari relies on topics such as politics and suffering. The fact the name is taken from the Evangelion villain doesn’t mean it makes them less evil. Look no further, “Unit 1” is the most stupendous grindcore release of 2016.

Phillip Stounn

A film student, a music enthusiast/addict, an owner of confusion specialist records, a musician of dozens of bands.