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Listen to Feedbacker: XII LP Exclusive Premiere!

Stream the new Feedbacker LP in its entirety

It’s been a busy month for Sofia’s own noise rock/sludge powerhouse Feedbacker.

They just released two videos for tracks of their new LP XII, which now you can stream at its entirety exclusively on DIY Conspiracy.

As always, XII was recorded 100% DIY in the band’s rehearsal space by close friend Mihail Slavov (Expectations, King of Sorrow) and mixed/mastered by Anton Velev (Mental Architects).

The album will be released on a limited tape as well as black vinyl via Kontingent Records, Sweetohm Recordings, Nothing to Harvest and Dischi Devastanti Sulla Faccia. The new record’s artwork and merch was done by our good friend Galen Zhelyazkov, check him out at Kovlen Studio.

This is also the last album to feature Feedbacker’s original drummer Desi. The band is heading out on tour in November with a new drummer—Theodor (Razgruha).

See the tour dates below.


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