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Feedbacker – S/T

Feedbacker's self-titled debut EP is a lesson in 'How to start a fucking massive band'


Artist: Feedbacker

Title: S/T

Release: EP

Format: Tape / CD / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Kontingent Records

Ever since КПД-0 disbanded I was keeping my fingers crossed Ivan Shentov’s fucked up style of writing (both music and lyric-wise), his twisted voice and his creative approach to the bass guitar will find a new home. And it actually did. Joined by drummer Desi (ex-Comasummer) he started Feedbacker, a duo lingering somewhere between noise rock and sludge. I’m writing this just a bit before we see them live in Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time and they have already manifested themselves with a 6-track EP, which will surely be replayed quite a lot.

Feedbacker’s self-titled EP was written probably in about an year, recorded in just three days by Mihail Slavov (Expectations). The tracks are super catchy and powerful. I hate to say this, but you can’t really hear music like this around too often. Especially for those fluent in Bulgarian the lyrics in Feedbacker’s debut in combo with their raw, minimalist melodies guarantee you’ll be waking up with this stuff stuck in your head for quite some time.

Personal highlights out of the tracks are the opener “Аз съм начало”, a huge track, which has managed to gather all this band has to say to the world and wrap it up in a bit less than 4 minutes. Just like the whole EP it feels like a slap on the face. Pen-ultimate piece “Жесток” is also something I wish I could help playing ever since I heard the record… But wait, what the fuck am I doing here, dissecting a 6 tracks punk record like the fucking surgeon, that I’m not. Just go hear it.

Feedbacker destroys!

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