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Falso Documental – Expoliación Vital

A look at the experimental scene from Chile

FDEVArtist: Falso Documental

Title: Expoliación Vital

Release: Digital / Cassette

Year: 2018

Label: Ediciones Teratológicas

This is the first release by the noise, ambient and industrial one-man outfit Falso Documental. While it was recorded and digitally self-released on 2017, the label from the chilean city of Chillán, Ediciones Teratológicas, did a release on tape from this EP, including 18 minute bonus live track from the first performance of the artist in the city of Valparaiso. Hearing it at first, the sounds and various noises and recordings give us a look into the life of this South American country at the end of the world. Let’s look a bit closer.

Pulsating textures, vibrating sounds and an analog lo-fi atmosphere cover this release by an artist that also has another release on the label under the name Winétt. While it has the same ambient focused approach, it is very different. Falso Documental centers arround the manipulation of field recordings through tape and a microphone and the use of a Casio keyboard run through effect pedals. All of this give us an unique look through the life on the city of Santiago, were the sounds were recorded.

Harsh resonances turn into drones that grabs us and makes us dive into a pool of distorted layers. Then, calm comes, and we are sucked in into a moment of reflection accompanied by a big and long reverberation. There we stay, adrift.

The experimental and noise scene is very connected with the punk scene, with a DIY ethos and a longing that cames from a desire for something different. Something that works as rejection for the things we hate.

This release was limited to 15 copies, so grab one while you can.

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