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Eyrie – Untitled

Short-lived, lo-fi, emo-violence band from Moscow

Artist: Eyrie

Title: Untitled

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: amicables.

Eyrie was a short-lived emoviolence from Moscow, Russia. They have released an ultraviolent, noisy lo-fi demo back in 2012 and then broke up after one or few shows in 2013. I haven’t even heard from them again until recently.

I’ve accidentally found this gem when I was rediscovering their demo via their label amicables. This EP was made two years after their demo. The whole ‘untitled’ consists of redone demo tracks with a few new tracks added to it. Damn, it seems that i’m missing out a bit too much?

Anyway, while this EP has improved quality-wise, it is still fresh when it comes to utterly violent brilliancy. It’s a musical manifestation of a nervous breakdown. Fast, frantic, menacing, chaotic, sinister, nerve-wrecking, dark and short. Their sound is too obvious to compare that it stands on its own. It’s really worth of listening. It’s also worth of looking into the other stuff from amicables with similar noisy, lo-fi aesthetics.

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