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Exclusive: Lawine & Remek Premiere Split LP

Our awesome friends Remek & Lawine team up with DIY Conspiracy to give you the official premiere of their new split LP!

Prior to its October 7th release, our friends from Lawine and Remek have teamed up with us to give you an exclusive premiere of their new split LP. The vinyl version will be out through Rope or Guillotine on 500 pieces of black vinyl.

It’s not a secret that DIY Conspiracy loves Remek, so we’re more than honored to share their new material. However, they probably couldn’t have picked a more suitable band to join them for this split LP. The record sounds nothing like just a bunch of tracks by two punk bands, on the contrary it’s a homogeneous emotional drift starting with the very obscure, eclectically melodic post-hardcore music of Lawine and escalating to the uncontrolled raw screamo heights of Remek.

Both bands will tour with the record.


07.10.2016 – Dortmund, GER
08.10.2016 – TBA
09.10.2016 – Strassbourg, FR
10.10.2016 – Besancon, FR
11.10.2016 – Paris, FR
12.10.2016 – Rouen, FR
13.10.2016 – Brussels, BE
14.10.2016 – Antwerpen, NL
15.10.2016 – Amsterdam, NL

REMEK tour (w/ Gattaca)

27.10.2016 – Kroměříž, CZ
28.10.2016 – Vienna, AT
29.10.2016 – Banska Bystrica, SK
30.10.2016 – Košice, SK
31.10.2016 – Žilina, SK
01.11.2016 – Wroclaw, PL
02.11.2016 – Warsaw, PL
03.11.2016 – Poznan, PL
04.11.2016 – Torun, GER
05.11.2016 – Berlin, GER

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