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Encontraron Su Cabeza – Self-Titled

The darkest dancers in Chile.

a3759628224_10Artist: Encontraron Su Cabeza

Title: Encontraron Su Cabeza

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Moldavia Records

Two men from Santiago, Chile, who have previously united forces on acts like Niño Bien and Ya Se Fueron, meet again to settle down the new sounds of an old future.

The sound of a man mixed with a machine, with a pumping heart full of blood, but with an inhuman coldness in their skin. Shiny, yet rusty. Fierce, but calm. Animal and robot at the same time. A machinery full of contradictions that spills all of its inner guts in the form of songs, melodies and vibrating post-punk sounds. Let’s hear more about it on their debut LP.

Straight forward simplicity, constant progression and minimalism are the keys to understanding this LP. It shows layers of synthpunk sounds constantly appearing, step by step revealing a new phase of songs, which are based on repetition, delay and a generally slow pace, everything accompanied by haunting voices.


Casio keyboards, rhythm machines with distinct sound plus eerie and dark guitars complete this mixture of elements that give life and strength to the band and the 9 songs found in this release. Their influences are all the way from punk and gothic side, with artists like Fad Gadget and Suicide, to pure and raw electronic music.

The songs seem a bit aimless sometimes, but the overall feel is that the duo knows exactly how they want to sound and where they want the music to take them. The lo-fi production, I find, is contributing positively to the LP. But in some tracks, like Bestia, the beats and the voice seem like inhabiting different vibes and spaces. This album definitely needs you to give it a bit more time in order to fully grasp some of the textures and concepts.

Hopefully, Encontraron Su Cabeza will keep working together to polish and perfect their sound, because the direction they are headed is really interesting and refreshing. I’m really looking forward to hearing what they can deliver in the future.


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