A dissonant one man band from Chile.

a2935975477_10Artist: ENABSOLUTO

Title: Paranada

Release: Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Moldavia Records

After uploading a three-song demo on Soundcloud in 2020, Erick, a Chilean musician, writer, and artist, went on to release his first EP under the name ENABSOLUTO on April of 2021. Its name was Paranada and it was released by Moldavia Records, a label from Santiago of which he’s a member (and one that has appeared before on the site).  He’s also known for playing in the bands Tupadreenllamas, ink!eta, and Avifavir, as well as for being part of the Distópica Vanguardia collective.

Paranada features seven songs written and recorded between 2012 and 2020, sometimes these were thought for other bands, old or imaginary projects, sometimes just for himself or for anyone who was curious enough to reach out and listen. Recorded and mixed by him and mastered by Eduardo Subiabre, also from Moldavia, they serve as a great introduction to Erick’s work.

Despite being written in the span of eight years, there’s a certain equilibrium in what we hear, something that feels like a pretty well-established sonic narrative, a current that flows through the language of different expressions of punk music and its ethos. Of course, there’s a difference in the quality of the recordings and the performance, but that’s also part of what ties them together so tightly. It’s a non-chronological history revealing bands that never were or that in fact existed but deviated to paths that took them very far away, a vivid registry of could-have-beens.

We have Post-Hardcore, we have Noise Rock, Alternative Rock. No Wave, even. Some sections have a jazzy feeling to them, while others are more folk-oriented in their nature. Sounds were the primary prey of this hunter-gatherer who mixed everything he could get his hand on right inside of him, in the depths of his mind. In these compositions, there’s an undeniable desire to escape from restrictions and to discard limitations. Or maybe it is way more simple than that: there’s a deep sentiment of just not caring. You create, you do and make, and everything else comes right after. As I’ve said in previous reviews, the destination is never as important as knowing that you’re moving. The real pleasure lies in the journey itself.

This album is intimate and discordant, a compendium of primal tonal liberation, a cacophonous assemblage structured by harsh rhythms that, nevertheless, are very soothing. Picture it like this: stridence built in a gentle inharmony, bound together by jarring chords that induce a grating trance-like state. It’s better to not go into detail track for track, I’ll leave the full experience to you. You don’t need a guide. Feel free to dive into it any way you like it. It is a wide landscape to set your foot on and to explore for a few minutes. This is a release, that you’ll be coming back to. In all its restlessness, it can become something very calming and joyous and that’s something that I’m starting to really appreciate in records.

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