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DYYM – Self-Titled [Demo]

Politically-charged hardcore punk from Poland from the ex-members of Mind Pollution / Next Victim

dyymArtist: DYYM

Title: DYYM

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-released

The town of Poznań is the home of Rozbrat squat, the longest running occupied anarchist space in Poland. It’s also a longstanding hotbed for music and activism, with an ever exciting and vibrant DIY punk scene intensely engaged in the struggles of feminism, animal rights, and antifascism.

From this underground scene comes a new extremely sincere band called DYYM. These folks actually feature tropes of the late 80s Polish hardcore legends Apatia and the epic crust stalwarts Mind Pollution and Next Victim. Honestly, some of my favorite bands and people in Poland.

This DYYM demo whips through 11 tracks of d-beat driven hardcore punk that doesn’t stick to single genre constraints but rather spreading the net wide to capture the perfect balance between aggression, rawness and melody.

Lots of bands play a decent style of political punk, but most end up sounding the same. Here we have a mind-boggling blend of forthright political, melodic and empowering music delivered by people who don’t just talk about certain aspects of life. They live it and they’re not afraid to confront injustice, both in their music and onto the streets.

If you’re aware of bands like Mind Pollution and Next Victim, then you already know Gosia is a fantastic singer with great ideas about writing such anthemic hardcore punk crusades. Lovely stuff.

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