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Deconsecrate – Nothing Is Sacred

Heavy grinding hardcore from Belgium

deconserateArtist:  Deconsecrate

Title: Nothing Is Sacred

Release: 12″ LP / CD / Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: Good Life Recordings

On DIYconspiracy we’ve ranted hundreds of times that throwing other band names as references when writing press releases to introduce your own shit is more stupid than sniffing cat litter. We have another tip, don’t present your album only with the names of artists you invited to do featurings in some of the songs. I was initially really excited to hear Deconsecrate is a project, which put John from Dying Fetus and Damien from As Friends Rust in the same place. Well, it’s not. They’re just singing guest vocals in two of the tracks, which is not really a huge deal so I’d like to read more about the band having these guests instead. Whatever…

Deconsecrate are, I suppose, a pretty new band from Belgium. Music-wise they’re digging in the black / death metal influenced negative hardcore. Epic melodies, guitar tremolos and double kick drums all the way. Good thing is even if Nothing Is Sacred sounds super heavy most of the time it’s not only a meat grinder, but gets quite groovy at some points. The band has kept it quite diverse so you’ll surely not get bored of this one. There’s two vocals singing here – one’s the angry screaming guy, the other one’s the bad growling dude. They’re taking turns, not doing too much doubles, but yet they’re fitting well in the tracks. I wish their lyrics were uploaded on their Bandcamp profile, since I hear and get some nice catchy lines and phrases, but definitely not all. And yeah, that’s another thing most bands haven’t learned yet – it’s actually cool to do this shit, because you might be praising Jesus and not Satan on this. We want our fucking proof, yo.

If you’ve already heard Arkangel, All Out War or Ringworm (yes I’m throwing references on purpose) I can’t really name a reason why you should play another band not really stepping further the boundaries of the genre they picked. Stuff sounds good though, it’s a properly recorded album, mastered at Audiosiege and you can hear that. But it’s the deeper personal aesthetics and touch that I’m lacking on this one, for sure one reason is I can’t read what are the themes they’re singing about.

Oh yeah, one last thing about the singing. Man, it’s 2015, enough with the pig squeals already.

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