Cvlt of Grace – Path

Give the Path of Cvlt of Grace a chance, because it's impressive how much life such a small piece of music can pour in your expiring body

Cvlt of Grace Path
Artist: Cvlt Of Grace
Title: Path
Release: Tape / Digital
Year: 2013
Label:  Shivery MMXII Productions

Besides being some of the kindest people you’ll probably ever meet on this wretched planet, Pécs, Hungary’s Cvlt Of Grace are also one the most meaningful and sincere hardcore punk bands.

If you haven’t heard about them yet, I can’t really think of a better reason for you to catch up than their brand new record. Path is another small record, following the emotional and musical struggle the band started an year ago with their self-titled mini album. In such short time-span (4 tracks and an intro) Cvlt Of Grace are able to make you reconsider your whole existence.

Path is fast, direct and harsh, with it Cvlt Of Grace have become way more minor and rough. They’re not offering you the beautiful and cheesy melodies of modern melodic hardcore, but music immensely soaked with desperation instead.

Path is a perfect recreation of the endless individual struggle to change the world for better. A struggle, that will unfortunately lead to nothing else but self-destruction, as we’ve already doomed our existence. Music and art need desperation, not politics and its brainwashed followers’ generic left / right-wing shit-talk. Only the exposure to truth and death can wake us up from the thought, that we’re already dead!

Give the Path of Cvlt of Grace a chance, because it’s impressive how much life such a small piece of music can pour in your expiring body.

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